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MSD / Migrants


Migrant domestic workers are, according any persons “moving to another country or region to better their material or social conditions and improve the prospect for themselves or their family,” engaged in a work relationship performing “in or for a household or households.”

MSD’s team is composed a group of social workers, lawyers, psychologists, ITs …who have experience in the field of migrant workers and refugees. All of them have worked with migrants and refugee population as well as internal displaced people. They have worked during emergencies in Lebanon but also outside the country such as Lebanese war 2006, Tsunami, Haiti earthquake….

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DMW are subject to several violations such as bad working conditions, no remittances, confiscation of payments, abuse whether physical, verbal or sexual :

  • Confiscation of their papers to reinforce their hold on them until they have completed their contract.
  • The entry visas on the migrant workers’ passport bear the name of their employer.
  • In case the Migrant workers have no official papers to legitimate their stay in Lebanon, the police would detain them.
  • Some employers violate the contract and never permit the migrant workers to take a day of rest or keep them locked inside the house or make them work 24h/7 or share them with other family members.
  • Sometimes migrant workers are provided with inadequate food and have no private living quarters.
  • In severe cases, Migrant workers might fall victims of contract switching, delay or nonpayment of salaries.
  • Sexual and physical abuse.

MSD through its programs in Lebanon is targeting many nationalities, mainly Sri Lankan and African

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