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Baabda Rear EBML road, near Sacre Coeur hospital main entrance
Mount Lebanon, Lebanon.

Host Community

MSD / Host Community

Host Community

MSD plans to raise awareness in the host communities in order to better know and understand MW and refugees issues. This will allow the Lebanese accept these populations and try to build peace and solidarity and work closely to find joint solutions.

MSD in partnership with other active local NGOs is planning to support vulnerable local communities who are hosting refugees and migrants in order to create a more justness environment for all.

The Lebanese Government not being a signatory to the 1951 Convention pertaining to the Refugees, nor the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, consideration afforded to officially recognized Refugees and Asylum-seekers shifts depending on internal political considerations. They are considered as temporary residents awaiting their resettlement in a third country although this is not a right. Sometimes they get arrested and detained as illegal immigrants though and they might be deported subsequently.

After years of the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the increased numbers of refugees in Lebanon  is increasingly affecting everyday life of Lebanese . The influx affected the country, you can notice the pressure on the healthcare facilities, education, daily needs : electricity, water, infrastructure Lebanese families who in the beginning  opened their doors to offer food and shelter to refugees, are now facing their own crisis, it has resulted decrease in job opportunities, increase in rent fees, increase prices of food and basic needs…. . The international community has responded to this crisis largely by helping the refugees. Aid will be most effective and help create good relations between communities when given to those most in need, regardless of where they are from.

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