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Mount Lebanon, Lebanon.

About Us

MSD / About Us

01About Migration services and development

Created in 2014 by a group of experts in migration and professionals from different   backgrounds: social, legal, psychosocial and NGO management who believed that justice can happen if faith exists.

MSD is a specialized NGO whose aim is to provide qualified services to defend and protect the rights of vulnerable Migrants.

Its main goal is to care for MW and refugees so they can live in a more justness environment.

To make them feel home away from home.

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02Mission & Vision

Mission :

Provide protection and support to vulnerable Migrants

Vision :

A world of justice where migrants are empowered and live in dignity


Legal assistance and counseling for victims of trafficking (Migrant Domestic Workers or refugees) in Lebanon

Individual therapy session for victims of trafficking in Lebanon

Group therapy sessions for victims of trafficking in Lebanon.

04Objectives :

Although Lebanon is considered as one of the Middle East Countries with the highest experience history in destructive war, Migrant workers still comes in searching for job opportunities to improve the living conditions of their families back in their home countries. It appears that the good economic opportunities and a society open to different confessions, cultures and political point of view are the major cause of attractions.
•The majority comes from Asia and Africa. However, many of them are subject to abuse and exploitation due to inadequate laws and official indifference.

•Provide direct and indirect support for refugees and MW having their rights violated but also provide support and awareness to host communities.
•Advocacy and lobbying efforts towards MW and refugees rights.
•Promote global justice for migrants on all levels

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